Coopeywriting is a terrible pun involving my surname (Cooper), and the word copywriting. It's also a place to showcase said writing. 

I've worked as a content/copywriter in both the UK and Sydney, and written a wide range of website content for numerous clients such as Boots, Specsavers, Princess Polly, LA Fitness, and Peter’s of Kensington. 

I've always had a fascination with wildlife, and during my two years in Australia I got to see plenty of awesome animals, which gave me the inspiration to write more about them. 

More recently, I've been making the transition into humour writing. Mainly on Quora, where I've built up a following of over 35,000, and often gain over a million views a month. I mostly write about the natural world, and this got me started down the "hypothetical animal battle" path. (And let me tell you, it's hard to get off once that ball's rolling.)

I've also started writing more satirical pieces on Medium, which I think are pretty funny, at least. And I take my own opinion very seriously. 

Animal Killdom is the first (and probably only) in a series of one novels about hypothetical creature conflict, and is now available on Kindle and as a paperback. (Check out the Book tab for more info.)

The rest of the website will include some of my Quora answers/Medium stories/new animal articles/things I drew on napkins/interesting bits of fluff I found etc. 

Apart from animals, I enjoy old wooden things, peaty scotch, and stroking my beard. 

If you would like to engage my writing services, then feel free to get in touch. Ideally, this would involve me writing about red pandas and penguins, but I'd settle for either/or. 


Alex Cooper